Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in sffh_nanowrimo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Chapter 4 done!

NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

17,899 at the end of Chapter 4, with the insertion of 175 more words into Chapter 3 where they belonged. A plot detail in the very last scenelet needed to be described, and got in -- even though I don't intend to spring it till they get to Eastcliffe. That may take two or three more chapters.

Right now the poor sod's trying to understand strange elf magic, got half the chart book pages stuck to each other with a curse, gotten his soul magically bound into the ethereal Hall Arcane by the paranoid Founder, stood a watch waving a silver astrolabe not using it as an astrolabe exactly, but just to see the reflections of the magical New Lighthouse at Eastcliffe which the Missing Elders started projecting across worlds to call him, and gotten violently seasick on deck with the promise of a magical cure because a flying fish that hit him, if eaten, supposedly cures maldemer. Or that may be Galloray's attempt at that well known style of magic, the 'self fulfilling prophecy.'

Right now I think he'd believe almost anything from an elf.

It was fun to write and I've got the day's words again! For the second time! Yayy! 28 more days to go with this!
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