Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance (robertsloan2) wrote in sffh_nanowrimo,
Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

Disaster and triumph...

Seven chapters into The Hunt with about 32,000 and change plus a well organized Cast List, a couple of illustrations done (one mammoth in colored pencil and one Smilodon in watersoluble colored pencil with water in the shadows), I stupidly, stupidly, stupidly spilled almost a full glass of diet soda into my laptop, Toshi. meowwwwwww...

I was in the habit of having both computers on the same desk, playing Diablo 2 on my desktop as reward for finishing chapters in my laptop. Now my laptop is on the bookcase headboard of my bed upside down on a towel draining and drying. I can't even turn it on and test it to see if there was damage till Tuesday, because Constance, who's had this kind of trouble before, said that booting while there's any chance of dampness could cause worse damage than already happened.

I know Toshi had an unclean shutdown, but has survived unclean shutdowns before. Linux scrolls up and says "Unclean, unclean!" like a Biblical leper and then patiently mends the damage and checks everything like a good OS.

I had the brains and sense to mail in my backups including Chapter 7, which I'd just finished, to my Yahoo mailbox. I forwarded them all to Starweaver, our geek housemate, who synced my PDA and converted them to .pdb files -- something I'd meant to do anyway got taken care of because of the trouble. If I keep updating my Visor, I could write in that and transfer to text and mail out to Yahoo and install in hard drive over in my desktop too -- and still have something portable to write in if we get out to attend one of the local Colorado Other NaNoWriMo get-togethers.

So today my resolution is to write on my game machine, Ema -- and not open my computer game till I get those next two chapters written. Wish me luck. I'm warming up and building some energy for it, I've blogged for two and a half hours now so my fingers are limbered up.

Time to look at the Pleistocene Morning After, when everyone is exhausted and homeless and miserable. While it snows outside and I'm toasty warm right next to the heater and a window. :)
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