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Yes, I know the second book isn't done.

But the demented-rabbit Winner Icon rocks, he looks even more maniacal as a winner! And the happy Validation.txt file now in my desktop's hard drive is just The Hunt to date!

I'd have had to retrieve The Necromancer's Tale from Yahoo or Gmail to go copying and pasting its chapters into the Validation Textfile, but I didn't have to. The Good Word Count Fairy poked and prodded me enough in the second half of the month that I got all caught up last night to where I only owe it a chapter a day -- and went over the 50,000 mark on the second book of the year.

I sneer at opposition. Sneer, sneer, sneer.

I gloat at my novels. Gloat, gloat, gloat.

Precioussss... my novel, my preciousssss... Paw, paw, paw.

Okay, it will have to stand up to as much mauling as any new kitten. It's cute and fuzzy and full of homicidal mammoths and evil dead cannibal shamans. It's got a bit under 30,000 words to go. I've got a bit under six days to finish it in, for actually about 4,600 words a day. Since the chapters run 4,500 to 5,100 words each, a chapter a day keeps the Inner Editor away!

He gets to show up in December, because he's already itching to be let out of the dungeon to write in a new scene in The Necromancer's Tale, expand on the magic rituals with a bit more humour, and tighten all the sentences while checking Strunk & White Elements of Style to make sure that's a good quality book before it gets a little presentation package, a good cover letter rewritten a dozen times, a printout and some postage.

My goal in 2005 will be to send out three more novels, for a grand total of four on submission, tripling my chances that 2005 is The Year.

But right now I'm breaking the tape on the finish line for the best month of the year and the best NaNoWriMo ever!

And this year... this year I finish this book!

Not flu nor holidays nor squinty overbright sunshine in my window tempting me to illustrate instead shall stay me from my appointed words...


The above is reposted from my regular LJ. The following is the addendum for sffh_nanowrimo -- Post 'em if you got 'em!

Validation started this morning for Nanowrimos who sensibly got past 50,000 before assorted relatives who don't read descend with cooked turkeys and televisions blaring, to suck your brains out lest you infect the family with an intellectual tendency to write, let alone that mind-destroying sci-fi pulp that deplorably reduces a reading public used to whodunits, romances and newspapers to gibbering weirdos who can't quote Shakespeare or Hemingway on demand or turn on a television set without flinching. (This is how the genre was viewed when I was young, folks, today it's as respectable as Mystery or Romance and hits the New York Times Bestseller List regularly, and the television has been infected with our mind-destroying alien pulpness, producing such weirdness as Babylon-5 and The Stand to dement viewers away from such traditional pursuits as Monday Night Football).

This is the time of accounting. This is the time you can change your green bar to a purple one, these are the final days of the fun big forums that brought us together from so many countries and regions to go nuts on our keyboards.

This is the time to finish your novel, if you got that cool purple Winner Bar but you haven't reached the magic words The End.

And if your blue bar hasn't turned green, this is the time to crank down on your word count. Ignore your relatives. Insist turkey be brought to you at the computer and ignore any footballs thrown at your head, throwing a monumental tantrum if one of them hits the screen.

No matter how far behind you are, there are folks who have done Novel in a Week runs and it is possible to stay awake that long, type that continuously, drink that much caffeine and reach the Winner Bar! Go for it! It ain't over till it's over! Type to the last minute of the month if you have to! Drive to a different time zone to steal an hour, or have yourself driven while pounding on your laptop! You can do it! Gibberish R Us! Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow...

These are the last days of NaNoWriMo 2004... and the beginning... of the editing...

And this community will stay alive year round, because The End is just The Beginning.

And if you do that literally with your novel it's freaky and kinda rocks and I haven't seen that before, but it could work with time travel or flashbacks or several other cool plot devices. Way cool. Write on.

Happy Writing Y'all!
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