Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror NaNoWriMo

Getting ready for November 2004!

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We are the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writers of Nanowrimo 2004 (and earlier), and we love our genre. We can't wait till November to do it again, or do it the first time. We range from the newest beginner amateur who wants to try writing a speculative fiction novel for the first time to multiple-volume novelists looking for a month's good excuse to write another book, and we don't know when to stop!

But we know when to start, on October 1, 2004 to sign up at NaNoWriMo and then at midnight on October 31 when everyone else is just celebrating Samhain or sleeping on candy-full bellies, we sit by the arcane flicker of our laptops and slam our hands down like the Phantom of the Opera, producing tales of imagination! And we get together here to warm up and work out and post goals and premises and any topic related to NaNoWriMo SFFH! Long live the realms of imagination!